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Create a Free Account

When you create a free Bulc Club account, you'll select a username and provide an email address.
All your forwarders will incorporate this username.

Anatomy of a Forwarder: If your name is John Smith, you may want to select smith as your username. Examples of your forwarders could then be:


Log-in to your Member Console by browsing to:

We will never, ever share your email address with anyone.

Create Forwarders Automatically

Create a Forwarder

Now imagine you sign-up for a new bank account online from Big Bank and Trust and they require you to provide an email address. You know this email address will be sold to the bank's marketing partners. Instead, just give them any email address that ends with your bulc club account ( *

For instance, let's enter

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From the moment you provide this forwarder to the bank, it will probably be sold at least one, if not a dozen times. This is the same unethical business practice they use when they sell your mailing address to mortgagers and debt consolidators and credit card companies. But keep in mind, they only have your Bulc Club forwarder, not your real email address. So while Big Bank and Trust is selling your forwarder, you still have complete control over guarding your inbox.

Simply log-in to your Bulc Club account once a month and evaluate all the email messages being sent to that forwarder. You'll see a few valid emails from your bank, but also a lot of bulkmail from these other businesses. Our members have probably already marked most of these messages as bulkmail, but in the event that one slips through, you can click the option to mark it as bulkmail. This not only prevents the message from getting in your inbox, but also helps filter the messages from all our other members' inboxes too!

In the unlikely event that an actual email from your bank is filtered by our members, you can override the Member Rating and have the message routed to your inbox.

Filter Mail to Forwarders

Disable Forwarders

Should you decide to switch bank accounts or think that your forwarder is compromised, you can simply Filter All Email Messages that come to that Bulc Club forwarder ( and neither Big Bank and Trust, nor its "marketing partners" can ever bother you again!

If you gave them your real email address, you'd be stuck with the bulkmail for as long as you use it. Imagine having to create a new email address every time a bank sells your information.

Mark Senders as Bulkmail

Mark Emails as Bulkmail

Remember, any time one of our members marks a sender or domain as bulkmail, it increases the sender's Member Rating and decreases the chances of making its way to your inbox. So we inject a link at the top of all messages to make it easy for you to flag a message as bulkmail. If, for some reason, a bulk message slips through our filters, click the link that says "Block Sender" (or "Block Domain") and Bulc Club will block this sender (or domain) from ever reaching your inbox again, and increase the Member Rating of this sender. Any senders (or domains) with ratings over 50% will automatically be filtered out of all our members' inboxes!

Browser Add-ons & Extensions

Get a Bulc Club Firefox Browser Add-on or Chrome Browser Extension to automatically generate BulcBurner disposable email addresses, access your Bulc Club Member Console, and Check the Bulc Club Member Rating for Email Addresses and Domains.

Install Bulc Club Chrome Extension
Install Bulc Club Firefox Addon
New Plugins! Create BulcBurners, access your Member Console, and Check the Bulc Club Member Rating for Email Addresses and Domains, directly from your browser!

Check Bulc Club Member Rating

Enter any email address or mail server domain to see how the club rated it.

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