What happens if I don't receive an email I'm expecting?

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There are a variety of reasons why you might not receive an email. Here are the top three:

  1. Member Ratings: The most common cause of undelivered mail is the sender's email address or domain has been marked by our members as a spammer. Remember if the Member Rating for this sender is greater than 50%, it will be held in your History queue in your Bulc Club Member Console for 30 Days before being deleted. If you'd like to receive the email, you'll need to log-in to your Bulc Club Member Console and click Send/Deliver by the message to have it immediately forwarded to you. You may also want to change the action to Allow Address or Allow Domain to bypass the Member Rating and receive mail from senders with high ratings.
  2. Email Providers: You may also not receive messages if your email provider has blocked messages from Bulc Club. This often happens due to the indiscriminate nature of the Bulc Club Mailman. If the Member Rating is low enough, we'll deliver the mail regardless of what's inside, and Bulc Club Members get a very, very large variety of emails. To fix this issue and ensure delivery, make sure you add relay@bulcclub.com to your email's address book and/or safe senders list and re-request the mail to be delivered using the Re-Send option in the History tab's action menu for the missing message. You may also want to check the spam or junk folder in your email client. This commonly happens with providers with very strict filtering systems, like Gmail (which rejects mail with .ZIP attachments) and Outlook.com. Also check to make sure you've formatted your forwarder correctly and that your email account isn't over its storage quota and rejecting all mail.
  3. Malformed Mail Headers: You may also not receive messages if the sender's email headers are malformed, meaning they don't include a valid DKIM SignatureSPF Record, sender email address, sender mailserver domain, and/or IP address. Most of these headers are included by default (sender email address, sender mailserver domain, and IP address) and legitimate senders can add the remaining headers (DKIM SignatureSPF Record) in order to register themselves as a legitimate sender. In fact, the main reason these headers are omitted is because the sender is intentionally trying to hide them. They may be doing this to spoof a real sender with the intention of sending you spam, viruses and malware, and/or tricking you into entering personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Bulc Club discards email with missing, manipulated, and/or malformed headers to protect Members from these issues.
    If you haven't received a legitimate/solicited email through Bulc Club that you're expecting, it is unlikely the email headers are the reason the email wasn't forwarded. In most cases, refer to Member Ratings and Email Providers above. However, if you're certain it's not one of these issues, you can contact the sender and recommend they check their mail headers to ensure they're not malformed. You can also submit a support ticket and we can help troubleshoot the issue with you and your sender.

Note: Bulc Club also limits message size to 12MB. If you're expecting an email that's larger (videos, eBooks, and other large attachments), we recommend you contact the sender and have them send the link using a transfer service (e.g., WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.).

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