Address Protection

Once your address is out there, it's next to impossible to get it back. Keep your email. Give them a forwarder.

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Email Privacy

Bulc Club only analyzes message headers to determine if it's bulkmail. We'll never read your email. Ever.

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Strength in Numbers

Unleash the power of the Bulc Club membership to filter messages before they get to your inbox.

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Unlimited forwarders.
Unlimited protection.

Bulc Club's intuitive interface makes it easy for you to create and manage forwarders for each of your online services and subscriptions.

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Filter and Forget.
It's that simple.

Bulc Club automatically prevents the forwarding of all messages with a Bulc Club Member Rating greater than 50%. The messages are automatically deleted after 30-days if you don't mark them as safe.

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We can rid the world of bulkmail. For Free. Forever.

Every message we forward has an option to tag it as bulkmail. The more members we have, the less likely this mail will slip through our filters.

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Browser Add-ons & Extensions

Get a Bulc Club Firefox Browser Add-on or Chrome Browser Extension to automatically generate BulcBurner disposable email addresses, access your Bulc Club Member Console, and Check the Bulc Club Member Rating for Email Addresses and Domains.

Install Bulc Club Chrome Extension
Install Bulc Club Firefox Addon
New Plugins! Create BulcBurners, access your Member Console, and Check the Bulc Club Member Rating for Email Addresses and Domains, directly from your browser!

Check Bulc Club Member Rating

Enter any email address or mail server domain to see how the club rated it.

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