Why was my Bulc Club Membership terminated?

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There are only a few reasons why your Bulc Club Membership may be terminated. Please read the reasons below and feel free to submit a Support Ticket if you have further questions:

  1. Mail Undeliverable: The most common reason for termination is that mail cannot be forwarded to your email address. Accounts are automatically terminated if Bulc Club receives bounce notifications from your email provider. Mail may bounce if the email provider informs Bulc Club there's no such account or mailbox, if your email account is over its quota, if the server's DNS is incorrectly configured (check DNS), or if your email provider is rejecting mail from Bulc Club's servers for some other reason. If your Bulc Club Membership is terminated, it's best if you reach out to your email provider prior to contacting Bulc Club about the termination, as this resolves 99% of the issues with account reactivation.
  2. Temporary Emails or Forwarders: As instructed when creating your Bulc Club account, we do not allow mail to be forwarded to temporary email addresses, burner email addresses, automatically generated privatized email addresses (e.g., duck.com), or other email forwarding services. This prevents mail loops, fraud, and keeps our system running smoothly. We try to keep a current list of invalid domains when Members join to warn you that they're not permitted, however, sometimes we miss one. In these cases, your Membership may be automatically terminated once the domains are added to our list.
  3. Abuse: Bulc Club automatically regulates the number of emails sent through our service to ensure all Member mail is delivered in a timely manner. However, if the system detects high volumes of email through specific accounts, it's likely that that account has been compromised or the Member is using the account for purposes other than blocking spam and protecting privacy. In these rare cases, the Member account is terminated.

Note: To protect your privacy, mail sent to terminated accounts will bounce back to the sender, immediately. If you believe your Bulc Club Membership was terminated in error, you have 30 days following account termination to submit a support ticket before your Bulc Club account is deleted permanently. Membership may be reactivated in this time pending an investigation. Upon reactivation, mail forwarding will resume.

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