If all messages are filtered through Bulc Club, shouldn't I be worried about privacy?

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We get this question all the time and it's a valid concern. Bulc Club was created to protect privacy (Privacy Policy). We do this by:

  1. Ensuring your email address is kept out of the hands of businesses eager to sell it
  2. Filtering messages that come through our forwarders before they get to your inbox


We'll never provide your email address to anyone.
We'll never read a single email that is filtered through our service.
We'll never share your sensitive information with anyone.

In order to filter messages, we read content from the message header:

  1. Sender Email Address
  2. Sender Domain Name
  3. Sender IP Address
  4. Originator Domain Name (if spoofed)


The subject of your emails will show in your administrative panel to you and you alone. This is for the sole purpose of allowing you to deduce if a message is bulkmail or wanted. We cannot see the subjects of your messages.

The content of your emails will not be read, stored, saved, parsed, scanned, sold, shared, or even glanced at. The privacy of our members is our chief concern and we take this very seriously. 

Read more about Bulc Club's Privacy Policy here.

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