Do I have to log-in to create a forwarder before using it?

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All Bulc Club forwarders are created automatically. Imagine you're standing in the check-out lane at your local gas station, Guzzle-n-Go, and a clerk asks if you want to enroll into a contest to win free gas. Do you have time to log-in to your administrative panel and create the forwarder? Of course not. Simply make one up on-the-spot (say,, for example) and Bulc Club will apply it to your account the first time it's used.

If you receive email to this forwarder by companies other than your gas station, you know exactly who sold your address.

Mark the messages that don't pertain to the contest as bulkmail and not only will these messages not make it to your inbox, but you'll also help our other members who have been receiving bulkmail from these senders.

If enough of our members mark the messages as bulkmail to increase the Club Rating to 50%+, the only messages that will be forwarded to your inbox will be valid emails pertaining to the contest. All other messages from soliciters that bought your email address will be filtered without you ever seeing them!

When the contest is over, simply click the option by the forwarder to deny all messages. Anything sent to that forwarder won't be delivered to your inbox.

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