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BulcBurners™ are free temporary email addresses. We allow one email to be forwarded through each before they self-destruct.

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If you haven't received your BulcBurner in 15 minutes, contact us. To ensure delivery, add to your list of safe senders. To prevent abuse, you can only create one BulcBurner per recipient email address each week, and BulcBurners expire one week after their creation date.

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Bulc Club Membership is free and members get Unlimited Forwarding Email Addresses, created automatically the first time they're used. Members also get instant, automatic email filtering by Bulc Club Member Rating to help ensure no spam is ever forwarded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify who sold or shared my email address?

Have you ever received a sudden onslaught of spam and wondered where it came from? Bulc Club Statistics make it easy for you to identify who sold your email address and block their spam instantly, with the flip of a switch. Learn More

How do I achieve Inbox Zero with Bulc Club?

One response we've frequently heard is the unexpected perk of helping our Members achieve the fabled Inbox Zero—that rare and transcendental state where your inbox is empty. Learn More

Can I give out an email address to get a receipt, but not get the spam?

Digital point of sale (POS) systems are becoming more prevalent, giving rise to digital receipts. Oftentimes, we'd rather skip the tax write-off if it means that we may receive spam. Learn More

How can I use Bulc Club to protect myself against hackers and identity theft?

Between May and July of 2017, the sensitive personal information of 143 million American consumers was exposed in a data breach at Equifax, one of the nation's three major credit reporting agencies. Learn More

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