'They burners, Kima...'

Need a Temporary Email Address? Create a free burner.

If you've seen The Wire, you know a burner is an untraceable, disposable phone you use once and then throw away. BulcBurners™ are free unlimited temporary email addresses. We allow one email to be forwarded through each before they self-destruct.

944 BulcBurners have been created so far!

Tip: Get our Bulc Club Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox plugins and create burners from your browser.

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Remember, this email address can only receive one email before it self-destructs. After that, it's gone. Dead. Kaput. So you can use it for an online service that asks you to verify your email address, but if you ever need it again (say, for a "Forgot Password" form) you won't be able to recover it. In this case, you may want to consider joining Bulc Club. It's absolutely free!.

If you haven't received your BulcBurner in 15 minutes, contact us. To ensure delivery, add relay@bulc.club to your list of safe senders. To prevent abuse, you can only create one BulcBurner per recipient email address each week, and BulcBurners expire one week after their creation date.

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Bulc Club Membership is free and members get Unlimited Forwarding Email Addresses, created automatically the first time they're used. Members also get instant, automatic email filtering by Bulc Club Member Rating to help ensure no spam is ever forwarded.

Unlimited Forwarders. Unlimited Filtering. Unlimited Support. Zero Bulkmail. Sound good to you?

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Browser Add-ons & Extensions

Get a Bulc Club Firefox Browser Add-on or Chrome Browser Extension to automatically generate BulcBurner disposable email addresses, access your Bulc Club Member Console, and Check the Bulc Club Member Rating for Email Addresses and Domains.

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