What is a BulcBurner?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BulcBurners are single-use (temporary) email addresses. This means that the first time we receive an email sent to this address, we'll deliver it. However, all subsequent emails are routed directly to the trash. You can use a BulcBurner if you need to provide an email address to click a "Confirm Email Address" link in an email, but don't want to receive any further emails from the sender.

Creating a BulcBurner is simple:

  1. Browse to: bulc.club/burner
  2. Type your email address—the mailbox where we'll forward the email—and hit "Enter" to submit the form.
  3. Your BulcBurner email address will be sent to your email.

We require you to enter your email address to ensure that people aren't using BulcBurners for the purpose of sending bulkmail. Afterall, this is the antithesis of our mission here at Bulc Club.

Keep in mind, you shouldn't use BulcBurners if you may later require additional emails to be sent to you beyond the first one. For instance, if you think you may need forgotten passwords mailed to you after you confirm your email address, you may want to consider Membership where we don't limit the number of emails that will be forwarded. Bulc Club Membership is 100% Free!

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